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Photo Journalism Workshop by Rabani H. M. Ayub

I just return from photojournalism workshop held by BTN. The 3 days 2 nights workshop took it place at Kem BTN Kundasang. Starting fron 27th April to 29th April 2012. There are about 98 participant attending the workshop that comes throughout Sabah and some even come fron Brunei.

Whats is the actual attraction of the workshop? Why do participant would sacrifice their weekends instead of having great quality time with family? Some travel from Tawau and not to mention participant that willing to cross country from Brunei, why?

It because the workshop itself will be inviting our local Sabahan profesional photojournalist as our instructor, Rabani H. M Ayub.

This is my second time joining his workshop, the first was held in Kota Kinabalu December 2010. It’s not because i did’nt get what he teach, but it actualy giving me a lot of inspiration and ideas through his experience in photojournalism.

He is now working with Singapore Publishing Company. His work mainly published in Going Places Magazine, Men’s Health, Asian Geographic and more others. You can start by click here to know more about him.

About the workshop, it is mainly funded by BTN, our accomodation, food & other facilities at the camp. Participants only need to pay small fee which i guess goes to fund our instructor, workshop crew’s gifts, prizes and our workshop T-Shirt. Special thanks to those company/individual for their sponsors (Syarikat On On & Vun Foto from Sandakan).

We are advised to reach early at the camp on 27th April 2012, theres a refreshment at 4pm for those who managed to arrive early. Registration open until 10pm before we have a briefing about the workshop.

On the next day we start by having a little introduction about our instrustor, and introduction of Photo Journalism, gears , question and answer session along the way. A talk by BTN personnel after lunch, and continued with the criteria & composition principles of photo journalism in late afternoon by our instuctor, Mr. Rabani. Then the workshop proceed after dinner where we were introduced about flash photography, post processing with Lightroom and a multimedia presentation of Mount Kinabalu Star Trail by Mr. Rabani.

We then given an earlier break before proceeding night photography practical at 11pm. It was the time where we implemented what we have learned during the workshop.

On our last day, its a closing ceremony, photo voting, quiz.

Well done for the organizer Mr Arif Rahman Hakim and all his team for their effort making this workshop successful.

Photo Jounalism Workshop - Rabani H.M Ayub

Photo Journalism Workshop by Rabani H.M. Ayub | Me with Mr. Rabani

Photo Journalism Workshop by Rabani H. M. Ayub | Adam Zikry Portrait with Backlighting

© Shukur Jahar | Photo Journalism Workshop by Rabani H. M. Ayub | Mount Kinabalu

© Shukur Jahar |Photo Journalism Workshop by Rabani H.M. Ayub | Mount Kinabalu with Star Trails

Photo Essay : Business At Dusk

I’ve been attracted to photograph the scene at Night Maket. I always carry my camera with me whenever i go to the market with my wife and daughter, but it often ends i’m carrying my daughter or the stuff that we just bought there. In such crowded public area, i don’t want to missed every single sight of my daughter, so its either me to carry the stuff or my 2 years old daughter.

I still remember duirng my earlier days when i just bought my Nikon D60, this night market was one of my interesting subject for me to photograph.

I like to present it in black and white, because its not the vibrant color that attaract me the most, but the life, the businness itself. I love to have just a little bit movement by using lower shutter speed to let viewer experience the sense of motion.

The market has different sections, wet market, vegetable & fruit market, spices & food groceries, food stalls, Malay Pastry and the list goes on.

My next visit to this market, i will take more food stalls photos, i’m talking about the flames on the wok while cooking. Nothing to hurry, the market is opening daily 🙂

© Shukur Jahar | Photo Essay : Business at Dusk - The Fish Tail

© Shukur Jahar | Photo Essay : Business at Dusk - The Fish Monger

© Shukur Jahar | Photo Essay : Business at Dusk - Spices & Cooking Ingredients

© Shukur Jahar | Photo Essay : Business at Dusk - Eggs

© Shukur Jahar | Photo Essay : Business at Dusk - Local Fruits Section

© Shukur Jahar | Photo Essay : Business at Dusk - Spices & Cooking Ingredients

© Shukur Jahar | Photo Essay : Business at Dusk - Man with his comfort chair

Azlina Didi Headshot

I joined a photography class thas was held at 48th Studio,Kota Kinabalu on 18th January 2012. Mr. Fahad Nasir was our instructor for the class. He explained about type of basic lighting with single and multiple lights. At the end of the class, we were given tutorial about editing with photoshop.

Below are some of the shots taken during the class:

© 2012 Shukur Jahar | Azlina Didi Headshot

© Shukur Jahar | Azlina Didi Headshot B & W

Photography Podcasts I Listen To

For last 2 months, i’ve been listening series of photography podcasts by Matt Brandon from The Digital Trekker & Peachpit TV . It took that long to finish cause i only listen when i’m on the move and caught in the traffic jammed. Rather than talk about technique & gears, this podcasts are actually interviewing inspiring professional photographer (i think almost 70% are in travel & humanitarian fields). What i like about this podcasts is they mostly talked about their past experiences, how do they survived as fulltime photographer and what makes themselves unique to the others. I really recommend this series of podcasts to those who are looking for inspiring photographer.

Here’s the link to the podcasts:

For those using iphone, just search “depth of field” on itunes

I will post another recommendation of photography podcasts series near future, happy listening & get inspired.

Maybe you too have listened other photography podcasts, do you mind to share it here?….


Dear readers,

First of all, i dont know how to start in but i can’t start without starting it in the first time. Well, it took me almost a month before i write this introduction since i made this blog. I’m not fluent in english but i’ll try my best to make you…. at least get the point, i do welcome some grammar correction. My purpose to write in english is so that not only Malaysian will understand what i’m blogging here, but worldwide.

I’m Shukur, Kota Kinabalu based photographer. Been actively shooting since year 2009. I shoot both available light & strobes, but available light is what i prefer the most.  I’m interested taking portrait of people, and hoping to have a chance to take maternity & newborn in future.

I’m now in love with backlighting, or maybe i’m addicted to it.

Luckily I have a 2 year old daughter, which is my main subject in learn & studying my craft in photography. So be prepared to see her face most of the time.  🙂

I really hope that what i blog here will give an advantage to others or at least to give some guidance if not really solve it.

I may also regularly post my past work and share experience / stories that I’d learned along the way.


Lets start from here...

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