Colorspace | Adobe RGB, sRGB & ProPhoto RGB

In my previous post about exporting with Lightroom (here), i had mentioned my recommendation about using sRGB colorspace if you want to upload the image/s to any websites.

I’m not trying to be too technical here, but you can get more details on this in full here.
“…..Basically its the amount of color that is contained in the file when you save it. The three most common colorspaces are Adobe RGB, sRGB, and ProPhoto RGB”

“……..but the problem is that not all devices can actually display the larger colorspace which can cause even more problems when it comes to viewing the images, add to that the lack of color management in most applications (like web browsers) and you will often get dull or washed out colors when viewing the images…”

“….If you use a colorspace that allows MORE colors, than why would the images look WORSE when viewing them? The answer that since almost no devices can actually display Adobe RGB, you wind up with an intepretation of the image causing it to look dull…”

Here i upload the 3 series of same image using different colorspace:

ProPhoto RGB

Adobe RGB



–  I found out Firefox managed to do good job on the color profile, if you’re using Google Chrome, try open this post in Firefox, all images are now viewed in their own color profile… well done Firefox.

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