Adobe Lightroom Tips: Adjusting Time Zones

Its been a while since my last post related to Adobe Lightroom Tips. There are hundred of features in lightroom that i have no idea where to start with. This post might be useful for those who travelling more often which involving the time zone difference.

It happened to me too when i was on our trip to Nepal last week. Altering the time zone in my camera has never came in my mind while i’m there until i reached home. It wasn’t a big issue, but i want the capture time to be relevan to the local time where the images were taken. I can’t imagine having sunrise at 9AM in Asia.

Fortunately, adjusting time zones just few clicks away in Lightroom. There might be different way to adjust the time zone, but this is what i did:

-after importing photos, i selects the images that i want to time zone adjustment. I prefer to view images in grid view (G) so i can view it in smaller thumbnail (+/-) and easily identifying which images needed time adjustment.

-selects images by holding”shift” key and click on the starting images needed correction and the last. (You know this better)

-go to metadata>edit capture time…

-and this dialog window will appear

-There are 3 type of adjustment/way to edit the capture time, i would like to just use the second option by shifting number hours but i need to alter -2hours and 15 minute.

-So i choose the first option by entering the correct time.

-Click “change all”, a friendly reminder will appear to confirm your action as this could not be undone.

-problem solved 🙂

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