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Kathmandu : The Great Himalaya Welcomes You Before Landing At Kathmandu

It took 4 hour and 50 minutes before safety landing at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu by flight from Kuala Lumpur, the time zone difference are -2 hour and 15 minutes.

While in the flight, i’m sitting at “5A” seat. It is next to the window seat, but not facing the Himalaya when the flight passing The Great Himalaya. I was a little bit upset with it until the announcement of 30 minutes  delay on our landing due to traffic at Tribhuvan Airport. The flight have to make few rounds over the Himalaya before getting the clearance for landing. And thats where i managed to get the magnificent view of The Great Himalaya.

© 2012 Shukur Jahar | The Great Himalaya

By the way, while on board, there will be “Nepal Immigration Arrival Card” that you need to fill. Bring your pen if you want to save more time upon your arrival or you can write it later at the airport.

© 2012 Shukur Jahar | Terrain Before Landing Tribhuvan Airport

© 2012 Shukur Jahar | Terrain Before Landing Tribhuvan Airport

© 2012 Shukur Jahar | View Before Landing Tribhuvan Airport

© 2012 Shukur Jahar | View Before Landing Tribhuvan Airport, Kathmandu

Here For Nepal

Money Changer at Tribhuvan Internationl Airport, Kathmandu

Picture Control on Camera & Lightroom Preview

This issue has been occured to me for several years when i started using lightroom.

Did you notice that when we shoot in RAW and we did (for nikon) set picture control for example; Landscape, Vivid, Portrait, Monotone,.. etc, just after few second the imported those images in our lightroom library, it will become dull, but it appears to be fine (images with picture control setting) few seconds earlier?

If you never notice this before, try this:

1. Shoot in RAW with Monotone setting on Picture Control

2. Import images in Lightroom

3. You will notice, all images viewed in black and white as we see in our camera LCD

4. After done importing and collecting data of that image, Lightroom will generate their own preview which the black and white image to be replaced.

5. You should get what i mean by now 🙂

I never bother this issue before, but i keep on wondering why does lightroom did not read the picture control setting. Here’s my findings:

1. Does Picture Control adjustment have any effect when shooting in raw mode?

No. The Picture Control settings are stored as metadata within the NEF file. If you open the NEF in Capture NX 2, then the values are applied, but of course you can change them. In ViewNX, I think you have to press the RAW button to see the full effects of any picture control settings.

I believe that pressing the RAW button opens the RAW image, whereas otherwise you are looking at the embedded JPEG

If you open the NEF in non-Nikon software, eg Lightroom, some of the settings may be applied, eg sharpening (at least, Thom Hogan suggests this may be the case). So you might want to set shaprpening to 0.

Picture controls do not affect RAW, even when you open in CaptureNX. The settings might be displayed but you can undo them. The issue is that the Picture controls affect the processing to JPEG, even the embedded JPEG, and that all your camera information uses the JPEG, not the RAW file to display information.

So, your histograms and your highlight detector work off the (embedded) JPEG, not the RAW file. This can mislead you as you may think there is overexposure, while this is not the case.

Therefore, to answer your question: directly they do not affect your RAW file, but indirectly, they can by telling you to adjust exposure when that is in fact not needed.


2. Lightroom and Pre-“Picture Control” Nikon DSLRs

Lightroom seems to only offer the “picture control” options in the camera calibration section and does not “recognize” the old way of setting image parameters.

In Lightroom, images taken with my pre-“picture control” camera are much different then if opened with View NX or Capture NX. They are so much off, in fact, that I have had to replace the smooth interface of LR with the clunkiness that is Capture NX. I would love to be able to use LR and have images look as close as possible to CNX or VNX but just could not tweak the colors to get close.

If you are shooting raw images then Lightroom will not read those cameras settings. That isn’t the way Lightroom is designed. Of course, they will always look different when viewed using Nikon’s Software because it will read all of those settings. If you want those settings included in your pictures in Lightroom then you will have to shoot JPEG.

The reason Lightroom will not read those settings on your camera or any other camera is because they are put in nonstandard places in the camera data. And Lightroom will not read those settings because they are different for every camera manufacturer. If you are looking for software that will read those settings then you’ll have to purchase software from Nikon.

The profiles that were mentioned are designed to match the corresponding camera settings, but the new picture styles I don’t think will ever be supported.


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