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Hyper Portrait Photography Workshop by Yaman Ibrahim

When we talk about “Hyper Portrait” we will end up talking about Yaman Ibrahim. His iconic style of “Hyper Portrait” has been recognised worldwide. It has been 2 years since his first HP Workshop was held at Kota Kinabalu, and i missed the workshop. Since then, i always look forward if there next Yaman Ibrahim workshop to be organised. Not enough with his iconic “Hyper Portrait”, his travel photo especially India is really amazing. Those images rewards him many international photography award. I am really proud of him even we have never met before. He is in my list of “Inspiring Photographer”.

On 26-27 OCT 2013, his “Hyper Portrait Workshop once again held in Kota Kinabalu. It was organised by a handsome team, Agoesk SK, Affendy Soeto, Sharif Putra and Yusnizam Yusof. It was held in Arena Belia & Sabah State Museum for the photoshoot session. There were about 11 participant which comes all the way from Sarawak, Brunei & Sabah.


Image courtesy of Sharif Putra Photography

During his workshop, we learnt the importance of good lighting & composition. We kept reminded to get the super fine quality images as possible during the shoots, pre-visualization, explore various angles & different composition. Besides of that, he also shared with us stories behind his winning images. Everybody know’s his winning image of Taj Mahal, Yamuna River and a single lady.

The 2 images below are the result of what we have learnt in his 2 days workshop. I personally am satisfied with his excellent teaching skills, clearly he had nothing hidden “tools” that he will tell everything about his editing style. Thank you organiser for conducting the workshop & keep it runs smooth. Well done to every participant for your effort making your weekends learning more about photography & editing skills.

Me and Yaman Ibrahim

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Kota Kinabalu Night Market

After having coffee session with friends on one night, i took a short visit at Kota Kinabalu Night Market which located just in front of Le Meridien Hotel. This Night Market normally operates from 5pm to midnight. It was about 1130pm when i reach here. Nothing much happening other on this time except the hawkers busy cleaning their stall which then “transformed” into a cubical cabinet.

With very minimal lighting available, I was looking for any photographic opportunity. Besides, this is the time where the high ISO capability to be tested. These set of images were taken with Fujifim X-Pro1 with Fujinon 14mm XF lens. I am quite impressed by its performance.

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Gaya Street Sunday Market

Gaya Street is one the tourist attraction in Kota Kinabalu. For many years, it held local market start from 0530hrs to 1300hrs every Sunday. You can find almost everything here, live plants, pets, tortoises, antiques, fruits, drinks, various local food and local cookies.

During the World War II, most of the building are bombed by the Allies. Only 2 building survived after the war. Upon reaching the end off Gaya Street Market, just about 1-2 minute walk from Jesselton Hotel toward Oldtown White Coffee is “Sabah Tourism Building”. It is one the survived building. Located just in front of the building, there is Plague of “Zero KM” marker.  Start from Jesselton Hotel towards “The Party Play is actually one of the earliest post-war building which appointed to a Hong Kong contractor by British.

This morning, I made a visit at Gaya Street SUnday Market looking for any photographic opportunity. I do not want to get distracted to have another lens in hands and keep on my focus on making a photograph, so i just have 1 lens with me. Furthermore, I can always come again and use another lens. I always bear in my mind that having so much gear sometimes distracts us to think about which gear to use rather than how to make the photograph.

Last night, i was thinking what kind of moment I want to photograph. Being common to this place made me really hard to think what was it to make this market  so interesting. There are plenty of photography opportunity like candids, portrait, etc. It also best presented in colours to show people how vibrant of this market could be.

While on my way to Gaya Street this morning, I decided to go back to basic and just play with light & shadow which to be presented in B&W. Here some images i took this morning. All images are taken using Fujifilm X-Pro1 with Fujinon XF 14mm 2.8.

Newborn Photography | Muhammad Faiq Hakeem

Newborn Photography | Muhammad Faiq Hakeem

It has been a while since my last post about our new comer in our family, Hakeem. This picture was taken on his 17th day after he was born. For about two weeks he has been fighting with jaundice, warded for about 18 hours in the tube. He was discharge after seeing positive progressive, but still we need to bring him to clinic for blood sampling about 3 times a week. Alhamdulillah he is now becoming better day by day. Thanks for the tips given (on Facebook) which helps alot to reduce the his jaundice.

“Jaundice is a common condition in newborns, it refers to the yellow color of the skin and whites of the eyes caused by excess bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is produced by the normal breakdown of red blood cells. Normally, bilirubin passes through the liver and is excreted as bile through the intestines. Jaundice occurs when bilirubin builds up faster than a newborn’s liver can break it down and pass it from the body.” –


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