Powerful Imagery By Mitchell Kanashkevich


I’ve been introduced this amazing guy by a good friend of mine, Wazari. He has published several ebook mostly about both travel & portrait photography through both Craft and Vision & Digital Photography School. As far as I learned, he is very transparent &  ready to reveal his best techniques from the moment of the shooting to the post-processnig.

Create Awe-inspiring Images

Successful travel photographers move us with seemingly effortless consistency. But how do they do it? Powerful Imagery demystifies what it takes to create captivating photographs with lasting impact. A peak atop a remote island in Vanuatu; a coffee ceremony in the heart of rural Ethiopia; an entranced firewalker in South India—you’ll be transported as Mitchell Kanashkevich takes you on a visual journey around the world. He gives you unrestricted access to his entire creative process and shows you just how powerful images are made.

What’s Inside

  • Over 65 pages of expert travel photography insight
  • 15 images from around the world beautifully displayed at full-screen
  • Image sets that illustrate the creative process
  • Details on equipment and camera settings for each image
  • Insider information on how to solve technical and destination challenges
  • Key post-processing steps with before-and-after images

Grab Your Copy Now:



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