Akeem – Portrait With Available Light

It’s been while I didn’t post about my son, Akeem. Well he is 5 month old now. Been practising to prone all by himself since 2 weeks ago. He did whenever he got his chance, even when he was asleep. So I decided to take photo of him in prone position. He cries before I got the chance to shoot him. So I asked assistant from my daughter to keep him busy, but it was my mistake. What can you expect from a 4 year old girl to entertain her younger brother? He cried even louder this time, so I need professional assistant, his mother.

Mother is the best, just few second he stopped crying. While my wife keep him entertained with very noisy toy bells, I kept giving direction to my wife where to position that toy.

There was no special equipment other than camera (Fujifilm X-Pro1 with Fujinon 35mm 1.4). I placed my son near to our bedroom window, do little adjustment on the window’s curtains so the lights only falls in front of my son while leaving the background dark. My aim of this shot is to make sure is face to properly lit, and to get the catchlight. His spontaneous action by putting his thumb in his mouth added the bonus.

© 2014 Mohd Shukur Jahar. Any unauthorized copy, usage or reproduction of the image is strictly prohibited.This photo is copyrighted. If you want to license this photo please contact the photographer at email : shukurjahar@gmail.com or call at : +6 0168307892

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