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The Centuria

All of these images were taken with Yashica 635. For those who are not familiar with this analog camera, Yashica 635 is a TLR (Twin Reflex Lens) camera that takes 120mm film as well as 35mm film (with adaptor). For 120mm, it takes only 12 exposures while 35mm is either 24 or 36 exposures. While can spend about 2 minutes to take 30 image of selfies, It took me about 6 months to 1 year to finish every film roll. One of the reason behind this is the cost of film photography becoming more expensive nowadays. I will shoot film only the times when I miss the slow pace of film photography. Manual focusing, metering, develop and we can only see the result when the film is scanned. By the time the film is scanned, the moment that we capture is a history and we can’t repeat. With digital camera, we can see the result from the LCD and still not too late to configure settings and reshoot. By the way, this post is actually to share few images taken with Yashica 635, Centuria (Expired) but I never expect to write this much. Centuria is colour film but I post process it to B&W with minor adjustment.


Year 2014, Kuala Penyu



2014, Tg. Lipat, Likas







2014, Tg. Lipat, Likas

Portrait Of Iranun | Hasselblad 500cm



Portrait of Iranun taken with Hasselblad 500cm + Kodak TMAX ASA400


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