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Photography Podcasts I Listen To

For last 2 months, i’ve been listening series of photography podcasts by Matt Brandon from The Digital Trekker & Peachpit TV . It took that long to finish cause i only listen when i’m on the move and caught in the traffic jammed. Rather than talk about technique & gears, this podcasts are actually interviewing inspiring professional photographer (i think almost 70% are in travel & humanitarian fields). What i like about this podcasts is they mostly talked about their past experiences, how do they survived as fulltime photographer and what makes themselves unique to the others. I really recommend this series of podcasts to those who are looking for inspiring photographer.

Here’s the link to the podcasts:

For those using iphone, just search “depth of field” on itunes

I will post another recommendation of photography podcasts series near future, happy listening & get inspired.

Maybe you too have listened other photography podcasts, do you mind to share it here?….

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