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Hyper Portrait Photography Workshop by Yaman Ibrahim

When we talk about “Hyper Portrait” we will end up talking about Yaman Ibrahim. His iconic style of “Hyper Portrait” has been recognised worldwide. It has been 2 years since his first HP Workshop was held at Kota Kinabalu, and i missed the workshop. Since then, i always look forward if there next Yaman Ibrahim workshop to be organised. Not enough with his iconic “Hyper Portrait”, his travel photo especially India is really amazing. Those images rewards him many international photography award. I am really proud of him even we have never met before. He is in my list of “Inspiring Photographer”.

On 26-27 OCT 2013, his “Hyper Portrait Workshop once again held in Kota Kinabalu. It was organised by a handsome team, Agoesk SK, Affendy Soeto, Sharif Putra and Yusnizam Yusof. It was held in Arena Belia & Sabah State Museum for the photoshoot session. There were about 11 participant which comes all the way from Sarawak, Brunei & Sabah.


Image courtesy of Sharif Putra Photography

During his workshop, we learnt the importance of good lighting & composition. We kept reminded to get the super fine quality images as possible during the shoots, pre-visualization, explore various angles & different composition. Besides of that, he also shared with us stories behind his winning images. Everybody know’s his winning image of Taj Mahal, Yamuna River and a single lady.

The 2 images below are the result of what we have learnt in his 2 days workshop. I personally am satisfied with his excellent teaching skills, clearly he had nothing hidden “tools” that he will tell everything about his editing style. Thank you organiser for conducting the workshop & keep it runs smooth. Well done to every participant for your effort making your weekends learning more about photography & editing skills.

Me and Yaman Ibrahim

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Photo Essay Writing Workshop with Agoes SK

I always fascinated by documentary photography especially environment portrait, travel & human interest. It amaze me not only the picture, but the stories itself.  It begins with amazing images to draw viewer attention, and detailed narration later in their writing. It shows that they really study their stories. In order to produce good stories, therefore the importance of good writing skill are essentials.

I’ve just attended a workshop earlier today (6th July 2013) organised by Affendy Soeto & friends (Sharif Putra & Yusnizam Yusof) which took place at Lintas Jaya Uptown, Kota Kinabalu. The workshop started at 0830am with 10 participant including 3 organiser. Presented by Agoesk SK sharing his precious knowledge and experience on Photo Essay. He is one of the editorial contributor for Dunia Kamera, a local photography magazine. Received tonnes of experience in editorial while he is working with Berita Harian. As for me, I’ve been knowing him for his amazing close up & macro photography.

It begins with how to read a picture. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand word. So this is where we need to really study the picture really well to be able to gain the information, describe it & elaborate it. The next section is about types of writing (Narrative & Descriptive). Descriptive is a caption of image explaining technical detail strictly based in information given in the picture. On the other side,  Narrative contains more elaboration beyond the information given in the picture. The workshop concluded with news writing where all participant are required to write a news with provided information based on what has been shared to us. This is where the knowledge gained from the workshop tested. Praised to Allah S.W.T all participant succeeded very well.

I would like to congrats to organiser of this workshop for their excellent effort to keep it running smoothly. A big thank you to Agoesk SK for his inspiring words. For all participants, congratulations.  I will post my writing assignment on my following post. Meanwhile, for those interested to know more about Agoesk SK, here’s some useful link for you to start with:

Group PhotoImage courtesy of Sharif Putra Photography

Me and Abg Agoesk SK

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