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History made in Historical Penang

I was on MATTA Fair (Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents) in Penang on 19-21 April 2013. Just few weeks ago, i made silly move by asking Matt Brandon whether we could meet for a cup of coffee somewhere in Penang, and i would be the happiest man on earth if we can go out and shoot. For those new to this name,  i have mentioned about his great inspirational podcasts “The Depth Of Field” in this blog (click here to view). He promoted Penang by conducting photography workshop during Thaipusam, a Hindu festival. His latest workshop was conducted in Rajastan, India. For more info about his on going photography workshop click here. Anyway, i get positive reply from him and we met at this World Heritage Site of Penang. Like buying 1 and get another 1 for free, a gifted photographer & videographer, Nathan Watkins joined us too during that historical meeting.

Me & Matt Brandon at Toh Soon Cafe, Penang

The man behind “The Mamas Of Chowrasta” video

Click here to see the video

We headed to The Goddes of Mercy Temple located on Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling as suggested by Matt Brandon before i showed him the list of question during our coffee session at Toh Soon Cafe.

Goddes Of Mercy Temple, Penang

The Goddes Of Mercy, Penang

The Goddes of Mercy, Penang

I’m so glad to meet both of them. I have learned that to make the very first move and not worried being rejected are the keys to meet these great people.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do”

– Mark Twain


Photography Podcasts I Listen To

For last 2 months, i’ve been listening series of photography podcasts by Matt Brandon from The Digital Trekker & Peachpit TV . It took that long to finish cause i only listen when i’m on the move and caught in the traffic jammed. Rather than talk about technique & gears, this podcasts are actually interviewing inspiring professional photographer (i think almost 70% are in travel & humanitarian fields). What i like about this podcasts is they mostly talked about their past experiences, how do they survived as fulltime photographer and what makes themselves unique to the others. I really recommend this series of podcasts to those who are looking for inspiring photographer.

Here’s the link to the podcasts:

For those using iphone, just search “depth of field” on itunes

I will post another recommendation of photography podcasts series near future, happy listening & get inspired.

Maybe you too have listened other photography podcasts, do you mind to share it here?….

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