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Photo Project Workshop by Zhuang Wubin

It has been a while since my last post dated on May 23th. It was month of Harvest Festival (Kaamatan) and I’m busy searching for Bobohizan’s ritual ceremonies. More to come about this in later post.

Well in June, I participate one of the most interesting, challenging and more brainstorming photography workshop. This workshop is not about technical on how to operate your DSLR or shoot a model and learn some post-processing techniques thats unique to the speaker. But it is more on what is your most important thing in your life, which not to be missed out, I’m speaking about finding your voice rather than popularity nor about monetary issues. The speaker is Zhuang Wubin.

Who the hell is he?
He is a photographer, curator and researcher. As a curator, he researches about the photographic practices of Southeast Asia. As a photographer, he employs the medium as a research tool to understand the Chinese communities within Southeast Asia. Zhuang also uses photography to visualize his relationship with Singapore.
As far as I know, he produced 3 books to date (Chinatowns in a Globalizing Southeast Asia 2009, Ten Chinatowns of Southeast Asia 2010, Chinese Muslims in Indonesia 2011). Visit his website to know more about him.

The photo project workshop starts on 5th June 2014 till the 10th. Organised by Jebat Photography Club, thanks to Jebat & Shamshahrin for recommend me this workshop which being held at Arena Belia. All participant are required to send an application prior this workshop proposing what is they going to do with their photo project. Series of interview to be done after qualified the application. He has to make sure that all his participants clear about their photo project. This was not the easy part, convincing him about your project, why do you want to do this? how important is this to you? does it has any meaning for you? what is your voice? why photography? But after series of brainstorming, the thing you should do became more clearer. I can’t express how glad I am after he allowed me to join his workshop together with 6 other participant (Kelvin Ah Kian, Paik Yin, Mark Chai, Abdul Salam, Mohd Afif & Razie). No, I don’t cry at this particular part. Another participant, Yuzie passed the interview but he can’t join the workshop due to unavoidable circumstances.

At the early stage of his workshop, he introduces work’s of other South East Asia photographer and their project. Each of them are basically giving us ideas and inspiration. This is where I get to know Rinko Kawauchi‘s work Cui Cui (published 2005). Every one of us are unique to our own photo project and we required to meet him at any time throughout the workshop individually to show our photo project progress.

Abdul Salam explaining about his photo project

In the middle stage, our photo collection being edited in every possible approach. Participant are being advised if there any missing element in their photo project and suggestion are given throughout the discussion. We also learned various way of photo editing for Wall, article, photo book and slideshow.

Freshly printed from ProArt. Zhuang Wubin having walkthrough on Kelvin Ah Kian’s photo project. For This workshop, he use medium format film on TLR.

Paik Yin given a chance to make 5 photo editing on Mohd Afif’s Project

My photo project photo edit in progress

On the last day of the workshop, participant were all ready with their final editing and closed critic session among participant being held. At the end of this workshop, the result of the workshop being presented during Open House where we invited public to visits and share their thoughts on our photo project.

My photo project is about my own family. I started with my 2 kids. This can be a long term project. In my opinion, the best part of my life is to see my kids growing up. No matter how tired you are when you’re home, it disappear when we see them running after you on the door step. I will post another entry to let you see my final edit during the workshop. This edit however my change from time to time. I named this photo project as “When You Were Young….”

You can read more about this workshop here:

Photojournalism Workshop | Shamshahrin Shamsudin

On 28-30 March 2014, I joined Photojournalism Workshop organised by Jebat Photography Club featuring Shamshahrin Shamsudin. The workshop was held at Marina Court Resort Condominium, Kota Kinabalu. There are 9 other participant joined the workshop including 3 from Brunei. This was the second workshop by Shamshahrin organised by Jebat Photography Club. Unlike his first volume, the second workshop emphasis on Documentary Photography which to be presented in Photo Essay.

We were given 1 whole day on the second day to get our own stories with given guideline in his note. As for me, I have several stories in my mind for the assignment. As early as 230am, I was shooting at SAFMA market. Every night starting at 1am, SAFMA market is the busiest place in the city, this is the place where the deep sea fisherman dealing with supplier. After shooting for about 2 hours, I found that I need to be on the boat to get different perspective rather than just a lazy snapshot taken from the jetty itself. But none of the fisherman looks approachable, I was thinking about my own safety too as everybody being curious so see me carrying camera. It can mislead the fact that I was immigration authority because earlier on before entering this market, there are rumours about immigration team is coming. The way they look at you is enough tell that they don’t feel comfortable with you. Or maybe it was just my own issue. So I didn’t manage to complete this story. At 630am, I decided to forget about it and go home for some rest.

After jumping from 1 story to another, I finally decided to shoot about the young fellow with Rock attire. After waiting about an hour at the spot I normally see them hanging around, it was disappointing to know that this fellow normally stay there during Sunday. However I managed to find subject but is not in complete attire, but I decided to do it anyway as there was not much time left.


I learnt a lot from this workshop. It has opened my eyes a lot. For the photography enthusiast out there especially around Kota Kinabalu, I highly recommend you to join his workshop when available. You shouldn’t missed it.







Hotel Potala, Thangsyap Village, Nepal

Pengusaha penginapan berketurunan Tibet sedang memasak untuk hidangan sarapan pagi di rumah tumpangan milik mereka di “Thangsyap Village”, Nepal pada suatu pagi yang dingin berbekalkan stok makanan yang terhad. Selain kayu api, najis Yak yang telah dikeringkan juga turut digunakan sebagai sumber bahan api.

Hotel Potala merupakan salah sebuah tempat penginapan yang disediakan di Thangsyap Village. Ia merupakan salah sebuah tempat penginapan buat pengunjung sebelum meneruskan perjalanan ke Langtang Village dan Kyanji Gompa selepas seharian merentas hutan di banjaran Himalaya, Daerah Resuwa, Nepal.

Hotel ini penyediakan kemudahan asas seperti tempat tidur dan tandas. Bekalan elektrik yang terhad pada masa-masa tertentu menyebabkan pengunjung berada dalam kegelapan pada waktu malam. Setiap bilik hanya dibekalkan dengan sebatang lilin. Perkhidmatan sewaan selimut tebal juga disediakan bagi pengunjung yang tidak selesa dengan suasana suhu sejuk yang boleh mencecah sehingga -11°c pada waktu malam. Pengunjung boleh makan di ruangan yang disediakan seolah-olah sebuah restoran dengan pilihan makanan berdasarkan menu yang disediakan. Di ruang inilah biasanya pengunjung akan berkesempatan untuk berinteraksi dengan pengunjung lain, pemandu pelancong (malim gunung), dan “porter” selepas makan malam kerana hanya ruangan ini disediakan pendiang (Fireplace) kayu api untuk memanaskan badan.  Rungan ini akan bertukar menjadi bilik tidur bagi keluarga ini selepas semua pengunjung masing-masing berada di bilik mereka.

Selain penginapan, mereka juga memiliki 2 ekor kuda yang boleh disewa oleh pengunjung yang mengalami kecederaan otot atau ingin merasai pengalaman menaiki kuda di sana.

Photo Essay Writing Workshop with Agoes SK

I always fascinated by documentary photography especially environment portrait, travel & human interest. It amaze me not only the picture, but the stories itself.  It begins with amazing images to draw viewer attention, and detailed narration later in their writing. It shows that they really study their stories. In order to produce good stories, therefore the importance of good writing skill are essentials.

I’ve just attended a workshop earlier today (6th July 2013) organised by Affendy Soeto & friends (Sharif Putra & Yusnizam Yusof) which took place at Lintas Jaya Uptown, Kota Kinabalu. The workshop started at 0830am with 10 participant including 3 organiser. Presented by Agoesk SK sharing his precious knowledge and experience on Photo Essay. He is one of the editorial contributor for Dunia Kamera, a local photography magazine. Received tonnes of experience in editorial while he is working with Berita Harian. As for me, I’ve been knowing him for his amazing close up & macro photography.

It begins with how to read a picture. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand word. So this is where we need to really study the picture really well to be able to gain the information, describe it & elaborate it. The next section is about types of writing (Narrative & Descriptive). Descriptive is a caption of image explaining technical detail strictly based in information given in the picture. On the other side,  Narrative contains more elaboration beyond the information given in the picture. The workshop concluded with news writing where all participant are required to write a news with provided information based on what has been shared to us. This is where the knowledge gained from the workshop tested. Praised to Allah S.W.T all participant succeeded very well.

I would like to congrats to organiser of this workshop for their excellent effort to keep it running smoothly. A big thank you to Agoesk SK for his inspiring words. For all participants, congratulations.  I will post my writing assignment on my following post. Meanwhile, for those interested to know more about Agoesk SK, here’s some useful link for you to start with:

Group PhotoImage courtesy of Sharif Putra Photography

Me and Abg Agoesk SK

Photo Journalism Workshop by Rabani H. M. Ayub

I just return from photojournalism workshop held by BTN. The 3 days 2 nights workshop took it place at Kem BTN Kundasang. Starting fron 27th April to 29th April 2012. There are about 98 participant attending the workshop that comes throughout Sabah and some even come fron Brunei.

Whats is the actual attraction of the workshop? Why do participant would sacrifice their weekends instead of having great quality time with family? Some travel from Tawau and not to mention participant that willing to cross country from Brunei, why?

It because the workshop itself will be inviting our local Sabahan profesional photojournalist as our instructor, Rabani H. M Ayub.

This is my second time joining his workshop, the first was held in Kota Kinabalu December 2010. It’s not because i did’nt get what he teach, but it actualy giving me a lot of inspiration and ideas through his experience in photojournalism.

He is now working with Singapore Publishing Company. His work mainly published in Going Places Magazine, Men’s Health, Asian Geographic and more others. You can start by click here to know more about him.

About the workshop, it is mainly funded by BTN, our accomodation, food & other facilities at the camp. Participants only need to pay small fee which i guess goes to fund our instructor, workshop crew’s gifts, prizes and our workshop T-Shirt. Special thanks to those company/individual for their sponsors (Syarikat On On & Vun Foto from Sandakan).

We are advised to reach early at the camp on 27th April 2012, theres a refreshment at 4pm for those who managed to arrive early. Registration open until 10pm before we have a briefing about the workshop.

On the next day we start by having a little introduction about our instrustor, and introduction of Photo Journalism, gears , question and answer session along the way. A talk by BTN personnel after lunch, and continued with the criteria & composition principles of photo journalism in late afternoon by our instuctor, Mr. Rabani. Then the workshop proceed after dinner where we were introduced about flash photography, post processing with Lightroom and a multimedia presentation of Mount Kinabalu Star Trail by Mr. Rabani.

We then given an earlier break before proceeding night photography practical at 11pm. It was the time where we implemented what we have learned during the workshop.

On our last day, its a closing ceremony, photo voting, quiz.

Well done for the organizer Mr Arif Rahman Hakim and all his team for their effort making this workshop successful.

Photo Jounalism Workshop - Rabani H.M Ayub

Photo Journalism Workshop by Rabani H.M. Ayub | Me with Mr. Rabani

Photo Journalism Workshop by Rabani H. M. Ayub | Adam Zikry Portrait with Backlighting

© Shukur Jahar | Photo Journalism Workshop by Rabani H. M. Ayub | Mount Kinabalu

© Shukur Jahar |Photo Journalism Workshop by Rabani H.M. Ayub | Mount Kinabalu with Star Trails

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