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Agah Permadi Workshop by Jebat Photography Club

Back in film era, most of us will just sent the exposed rolls of film to the lab and get the developed film without knowing much about how exactly the darkroom processing in the lab.

These are different now where we could to do things that people normally sent rolls of film and done it in darkroom. Adjustment like exposure, contrast, dodge and burn are now very common for photographers, no more chemicals (some photographer missed the smell so much) to be used, and no more darkroom. We can now able to enhance  our image in computer. Thats “Digital Imaging”

Who is Agah Permadi?

For photography enthusiast, the name Agah Permadi is not an odd name for digital imaging. Being driven by the beauty of misty and ray of light (ROL), he captures images that really represent life around Indonesia and has opened Indonesia to eyes of the world to come and visit them. His amazing work has been invited to various domestic and international photo exhibition. He is also a Principal Associate of Candid Syndrome (click here for his gallery at Candid Syndrome). In the mean time, he is busy conducting workshops and private learning around Jakarta, Bali and at various location when he was invited. He is now looking forward more chances to Bali as he in love with their culture and numerious spiritual events.

Agah Permadi

About the workshop

His workshop at Arena Belia, Kota Kinabalu has been conducted on 22-23 September 2012. The official organiser of this workshop is Jebat Photography Club with 12 Participant from includes those from Tawau, Lahad Datu, Tenom, Pitas, Kudat, Miri, Saratok and Labuan. Our JPC team, Grey, Zack, Larry, and Ad Khairil and me are in-charge to keep the workshop run smoothly.

On day 1, we starts at 9am with a short talk and introduction by Jebat, the founder of Jebat Photography Club. After self introduction by every participants, then Master Agah Permadi then introduced himself with a brief history on  how he reached to where he is now. He then shows as his best work in slides show before starting his first session – understanding histogram and the benefits of shoot in RAW. Participants were also being exposed on how to retouch portraits with digital make-over techniques,  dreamy effect, skin toning, color replacement, and many other photoshop tools. Most of these techniques were new to most of participants until you can see that satisfaction in their pleasing smile.

Participants also impressed on Master Agah Permadi for being a very humble in person despite of his amazing works and really show us all the techniques without a spare for himself. Just like he said in earlier introduction, photography is nothing but to be connected.

At night we have dinner with Jebat.Net Photography Community members, Kenarianz and another special guest, Mr Azman Jumat, a full-time photographer working at Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia. Ideas & experiences sharing among us has filled our dinner that night. And once more, we get connected to new friends with same interest.

On the next day, a photoshoot session at Museum Sabah with 2 talented models, Ms Kuzza & Ms Leyna. Participant are divided into 6 couple and every 3 couple are given time to shoot each model before another. It was rainy morning and we decided to shoot indoor. During the shooting session, Master Agah keep on monitoring his student and guide them. There are countless advise and tips given during this session.

Back to our classroom after lunch, every participants are required to pick their best shoot and start applying those techniques learned on day 1.  Before ending his workshop, he introduces participant another magical techniques that might be the main reason on why they join his workshop in the first place. Master Agah keep reminding participant to capture good images in camera, he also explaining the importance of understanding the basic of photography, from the shutter to composition. He did also showed participant his RAW file showing the quality are already at the best during the shooting, and photoshop are to enhance the image or fix thing that imposible to fix during the shooting.

The workshop concludes with submission of participants images, Master Agah giving his last advise, and those to whom attended the work shop , will receive a certificate of attendance.

I don’t have much time to shoot during the shooting session as priority is given to participant. Here’s an example of final images that i managed to produce after applying techniques given by Master Agah.

A Beauty In Kabaya | Agah Permadi Workshop

“There are many surprises in photography! you never know” – Agah Permadi

For those who interested to know more about Agah Permadi, here’s some link for you to take a look on his work:

Get connected with him now on facebook.

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Travelogue: Jakarta – Puncak (Day 1)

There was a massive promotion by Air Asia last year where everybody stay awake at midnight to get “free seat” and the lowest fare. Me and my sister are one of them too, she keep on calling and text me updating about destination and the date. Which finally we decided to go Jakarta. After few time at “waiting room” that seems like waiting for forever, plus several time lost internet connection, i managed to book flights for Jakarta via Kota Kinabalu. The next day, my sister too get their tickets too. It doesn’t stop there, as time passed by, the number of family joining for this trip expand until the day we left Kota Kinabalu to Jakarta, there were 15 of us.

Considering this is family trip, i think it would be easier to manage with Travel Agent at Jakarta and let them handle everything, from accommodation, meals, and transport. In the next post after this, you will see our activities are nothing but shopping.

Ready to go

Air Asia | Now Everyone Can Fly

Day 1 13 September 2012

Our flight departure at 1710hrs. Just a friendly reminder here:

  • Our check-in counters are open two (2) hours before the scheduled flight departure time. Counters close forty five (45) minutes before the scheduled flight departure time. For AirAsia flights to and from Australia, check-in counters open three (3) hours and closes one (1) hour before scheduled flight departure time.
  • Check-in deadlines may vary at different airports and for particular flights. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with these deadlines.
  • Airports have long queues due to complex security checks. We suggest that you check-in early and proceed immediately to the departure gate or you may risk being left behind in security.You must be in possession of a boarding pass by the time check-in closes, or you will not be accepted for the flight
  • Do not carry any liquids, aerosols and gels more than 100ml in your cabin baggage
  • Pre-book to upsize your Check-in Baggage for less and save more to shop more. Each checked baggage shall not exceed 32kg;
  • Guests may not use the unused checked baggage weight of other guests unless traveling on the same Itinerary

Well this reminder you can read when you purchased Air Asia ticket, it been there for a long time but I never read this until the moment i write this post just to make the content look longer and useful. And i’m not kidding. 🙂

If you study the flight duration to Jakarta from Kota Kinabalu, it just about 1 hour and 40 minutes. It actually showing the “local time” which Jakarta is about -1 hour difference. Immigration form & custom will be distributed on board, and you are adviced to fill it as this form are going to be submitted once arrive and pass the immigration counter.

Ray Of Light

Food on Board

Nasi Lemak Pak Nassier

Upon our arrival at Terminal 3, our guide are ready and the arrival hall holding welcome note with my name. We were then taken to a restaurant named “Bukit Randu Bandara” which takes just about 10-15 minute drive from Terminal 3 before proceed our ±3 hours journey to Puncak.

The first hour passing Jakarta’s most busiest commercial and business centre called The Golden Triangle in Setiabudi Subdistrict, South Jakarta.

About almost 2 hour after passing busy traffic, the journey now goes uphill is Cipayung. Cipayung is a subdistrict (kecamatan) of East Jakarta. The boundaries of Cipayung are Pondok Gede Raya Road to the North, Sunter River to the East, and Jagorawi Tollway to the West. The Subdistrict is located in the outskirts of Jakarta. Marshes can still be found in Cipayung. You can see there are shops along they way, both left and right side which just about 10-15 feet away from the roadside, and some even less than that. You can find any kind of business here but mostly are resort, restaurant, local fruits stalls, Spa & Reflexology (Jari Sakti Pijat), Nasi Padang, Sate, Nasi Padang, Sate, and the list goes on. It continues until we reached at our hotel, Surya Indah Puncak.

Colorspace | Adobe RGB, sRGB & ProPhoto RGB

In my previous post about exporting with Lightroom (here), i had mentioned my recommendation about using sRGB colorspace if you want to upload the image/s to any websites.

I’m not trying to be too technical here, but you can get more details on this in full here.
“…..Basically its the amount of color that is contained in the file when you save it. The three most common colorspaces are Adobe RGB, sRGB, and ProPhoto RGB”

“……..but the problem is that not all devices can actually display the larger colorspace which can cause even more problems when it comes to viewing the images, add to that the lack of color management in most applications (like web browsers) and you will often get dull or washed out colors when viewing the images…”

“….If you use a colorspace that allows MORE colors, than why would the images look WORSE when viewing them? The answer that since almost no devices can actually display Adobe RGB, you wind up with an intepretation of the image causing it to look dull…”

Here i upload the 3 series of same image using different colorspace:

ProPhoto RGB

Adobe RGB



–  I found out Firefox managed to do good job on the color profile, if you’re using Google Chrome, try open this post in Firefox, all images are now viewed in their own color profile… well done Firefox.

Tutorial : Lightroom Workflow, NOT Workslow

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